CleatPro Insole for soccer and cleats

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We know that footballers need full control. The foot must be perfectly fixed in the shoe. Thanks to the SuperGrip surface from the CURREX CleatPro, it is.

Swap the insole of your soccer shoe for the CURREX CleatPro and experience:

  • Ultimate control and speed
  • Unimagined stability

CURREX Insoles are available in three different designs: the profiles HIGH, MED, LOW differ especially in their height to adapt to the arch of the foot and in their strength.

The shape of your foot (hollow foot, flat foot ...) and your legs determines which insole profile suits you best and thus helps you to optimize your movement individually.

Because not only the shape of the foot is decisive, but also the forces that act on it through your legs.

What type of insole are you? Find out in under 1 minute with our patented test.

This insole is suitable for:

  • Soccer
  • Fitness
  • American Football
  • Leisure

You can buy CURREX Insoles with a really good feeling. After all, thanks to our Satisfaction guarantee 30 days time after delivery to test it!
By the way: Only 0,5% of CURREX customers return their insoles!

Your order is ready for dispatch immediately, delivery time within 1-3 days. With our tracking emails, we always keep you up to date on where your CURREX Insoles are. Return shipping is also free of charge for you.

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  • What is your Shoe size? 42
  • What activity do you use the CleatPro for? Football
  • Why did you choose this insole? Reduce injury
  • How old are you? 25-34
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Immediately convinced!

Perfect hold in the new kick shoes! No slipping, significantly more stability and much more pleasant when running / sprinting!

Volker F.
Germany Germany

Wonderful in soccer shoes

Ordered the lowest height to wear in my Adidas X 18.1, size 44,5 - 46 because I wear shoe size 44,5. You have to cut away a lot and even then it still looks like the soles are a little too wide. The wearing comfort is also quite unusual at first, i.e. the first two to three training units. Afterwards, however, it is simply wonderful! The cushioning is top, absolutely incomparable with the factory soles of the shoes. So for anyone who should be asking why they should spend another 45 euros on soles after having already given themselves 200 (or more) expensive football shoes, I can only say: Just give it a try! Cushioning is one thing, it relieves the ankle in particular. At the same time, the cushioning zones are cleverly placed to protect the foot from overpronation. If that's not enough, you will also get a few rubber zones that prevent the foot from slipping around in the case of rapid changes of direction.


Very good and very satisfied

Very good. A difference to standard soles like day and night.


Like a pro

Since I packed this sole in my Kaiser 5 screw stud, my career has gone steeply! From Kreisliga C Stammplatz Bank I was allowed to play a total of 14,5 minutes! And at the age of 37. If only I had had these soles at 14. Messi would be a blast!


And this is how the CleatPro works

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For more stability

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for ultimate control

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for unmatched comfort

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For less vibration

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Anatomical support

For dynamic stability and the best feeling

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for fast acceleration