AcePro® Dynamic insole for tennis shoes

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Are you looking for an insole for your tennis shoe? Firm hold, no bubbles, optimal pressure distribution at side steps: With the CURREX AcePro insole you become a match winner and effectively prevent injuries.

CURREX Insoles are available in three different designs: the profiles HIGH, MED, LOW differ especially in their height to adapt to the arch of the foot and in their strength.

The shape of your foot (hollow foot, flat foot ...) and your legs determines which insole profile suits you best and thus helps you to optimize your movement individually.

Because not only the shape of the foot is decisive, but also the forces that act on it through your legs.

What type of insole are you? Find out in under 1 minute with our patented test.

This insole is your performance booster for:

  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Squash

You can buy CURREX Insoles with a really good feeling. After all, thanks to our Satisfaction guarantee 30 days time after delivery to test it!
By the way: Only 0,5% of CURREX customers return their insoles!

Your order is ready for dispatch immediately, delivery time within 1-3 days. With our tracking emails, we always keep you up to date on where your CURREX Insoles are. Return shipping is also free of charge for you.

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  • What is your Shoe size? 41
  • Why did you choose this insole? Reduce injury
  • How often do you exercise a week? 2-3x
  • How old are you? 35-44
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Great insoles - Also suitable for basketball.

I ordered the insoles for my wife for basketball because she had irritation of the Achilles tendons in the heel area. After a few training sessions and games until the shutdown, she is very enthusiastic about the soles. She hardly has any problems and finds her shoes much more comfortable than before. I personally use the Currex Run Pro Low insoles for running (up to marathon) and can only confirm my wife's experience. I had long problems with my ankles and immense tension in my toes and tendons. Since I started using the Insoles, they are close to zero! Really brilliant product!

Christian H.
Germany Germany

What the tennis shoe lacked

The Acepro is the perfect addition to the tennis shoe. Where the conventional soles had gone through, the Acepro is reinforced and also gives an improved grip in the shoe. Especially with lunges and slides on stands, the foot is better stabilized and less stressed after long matches. I am very excited about my new sole. The next pair of ski boots has already been ordered!


Adizero now fits Mega!

With the Acepro I have much better grip in the shoe and no more pain on the sole of the foot as before. So far I've played the sole about 10 times and feel more stability and slip much less in the shoe. Will now try a sole while jogging.

Bjorn S.

And this is how your AcePro works

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For more stability

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For ultimate control

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for less fatigue

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For less vibration

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Anatomical support

For dynamic stability and less fatigue

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For a powerful kick