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 Barefoot over a grassy field or barefoot over asphalt - which would you prefer? Of course, when you run, it's more comfortable if your foot bounces on the ground. This is exactly the comfort that insoles offer you, on any terrain. The material increases the contact area between the ground or pedal and the sole of the foot. This provides significantly more comfort when running and cycling. But that is not the only positive effect! We have developed our own insoles specifically for different sports.

Insoles for hiking and running: against blisters and tired feet
Insoles for running have been in vogue for several years. No wonder, because the insoles that come with your sports shoes are usually not very comfortable on your feet. Yet an insole for walking and running can do a lot. Since the force is distributed evenly, it protects against blisters. Our Hike and Run models are also breathable and ensure dry feet even during sweaty challenges. All this ensures that your joints tire less and you can still manage an extra kilometer or two. 

Insoles for cycling: better power transmission
Insoles for cycling also offer you various advantages. Here, too, the fit plays a decisive role. Because the entire sole of your foot is in contact with the shoe, power transmission is more efficient. To support this effect in the best possible way, our bike models, like all other insoles, are available with different profiles: HIGH, MED and LOW. Adapted to your foot shape in this way, the insoles unfold their full potential of benefits. This includes improved blood circulation, which eliminates the problem of numb toes on long rides. 

Insoles for many other sports: breathable and safe
In our collection you will also find many other insoles that have been optimized for different sports. Do you want a steady footing on the green? Then our golf models are just right for you. Or do you play soccer and want to do something good for your feet so that they don't fail at the decisive moment? Our football line is suitable for indoor and cleated shoes! No matter which model you choose, you will benefit from more breathability and safety. Whether you are looking for insoles for hiking or cycling - you can find more information about the respective advantages in the product descriptions. Are you interested in the background? Find out why insoles make sense here.