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To clean the CURREX insoles, we recommend cleaning them under running water with a nail brush and a little gall soap. Before the next wear, make sure that the soles are completely dry. Please do not wash in the washing machine.

Everything new is unusual - this also applies to the CURREX insoles. However, the foot adapts very quickly to the CURREX: after approx. 20 minutes you can hardly feel the insole. This is evidence of the gentle neuromuscular stimulation of the sole of the foot. In addition, the left and right feet are never the same, which is why the CURREX insole can feel different at the beginning on the left and right. As for use in training, we advise you to wear the CURREX like a new shoe for 1-2 days in everyday life before using it in training. The same applies to competitions - first wear in training and then use in competitions.

The dynamic metatarsal bridge has a life of min. 800-1200 km designed. In addition, the breathable upper and the layers underneath optimize moisture management in the shoe. If the upper material is clearly worn, it is time for a change.

Note: Your pair of CURREX lasts at least as long as your pair of shoes.

Every foot is different. By considering three different foot profiles and six sizes, there are 18 different versions. Each of our insoles has different shapes and strengths in the dynamic metatarsal bridge. This offers optimal support for the movement, adjusted to the foot profile and weight. Although the CURREX is "standardized", it takes your individual needs into account.

The insoles prescribed by the doctor follow the idea that the bone position of the foot can and must be straightened. Therefore, prescription inserts are made accordingly and are often perceived by the athlete as uncomfortable to useless for sports.


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