We at CURREX have a mission: to enable people to exercise healthily for a lifetime.
Be it in sports, in everyday work - we love to move and also know how much it hurts when you can't. That's why sports scientists, doctors, product managers and designers work every day to develop even better insoles and to be there for you

Björn, how useful are insoles?

Basically every shoe is equipped with an insert. Only this is Standard sole very thin and from cheap foam. They are not doing anything good for the feet. High-quality insoles are very important and unfortunately still completely underestimated. Quality Insoles individualize the shoe and only really close it I meinem Shoe.

Of course, the latest shoe models feel super comfortable thanks to a soft midsole or other technologies. However, these will Shoes for the masses manufactured and the exact fit is neglected. With an insole, the The gap between foot and shoe is optimally closed and the pressure on the foot due to body weight and movement is better distributed.

Because every foot is different and needs one individual solutions.

Björn, CEO and founder of CURREX

Liesa, how do insoles help me with complaints?

Did you know that 70% of adults have a deformed foot that can cause pain in the feet, knees, hips, back, or even the head?
The the most effective aids on the other hand are insoles, but only about 20% of adults wear them.

It is important that they more comfort in the shoes bring and are dynamic, ie adapt to your foot with every movement. Because every movement lie different forces that act on your foot.

Insoles can also help prevent injuries. Because unfortunately we often only grapple with our feet when Problems such as pain or fatigue in the knee and hip area or the ankle noticeable and you have lost the fun of moving. We want to do educational work and help.

So why not increase comfort and optimize movement directly with insoles?

Liesa, movement analyst

Steven, orthopedically manufactured insole or CURREX?

We use the CURREX running laboratory, which is used by various orthopedic surgeons, Bundesliga soccer players and physiotherapists, to work on the further development of our insoles on a daily basis.

Almost all of our customers rate our insoles as better or similar to an expensive, orthopedic productionthat often costs over € 100. There are of course differences between custom-made and CURREX, but they are The effectiveness of the good old cork leather insert on prescription has not been scientifically proven. We are happy about every customer who feels comfortable with a CURREX insole - and we can see that in the customer reviews and messages that we receive every day. That motivates us a lot!

To summarize the advantages of the CURREX insoles again:

We promote the muscles of your foot instead of weakening them.

We prevent injuries through increased comfort and an optimal fit.

We support the natural movement of your foot instead of working against it.

Steven, product manager

Denise, which sole suits me best?

An insole should be like a shoe on top of that personal needs be adjusted.

When running, care should be taken that the soles dynamic and flexible are. In racing shoes, on the other hand, I need 100% contact to ensure power transmission and my foot against To protect against fatigue.

Each insole is available in different sizes and in different profiles, ie the determination of your individual insole depends on various factors such as size, foot type and position of the legs.

In order to offer you the best advice online, we have designed our insole finder or you can simply use our chat. We are happy to help you!


Denise, e-commerce manager



Regardless of opening times and full waiting rooms, you can order from us at any time and have the soles delivered within 1-2 working days

100% quality

After more than ten years of experience in the development of insoles, we have a high quality standard

30 days, 100% satisfied

Nowhere will you get the feeling for your CURREX insoles better than in your shoe - test it risk-free for 30 days


Runs with me again
What can I say ... The second pair of soles after the RunExpert and after less than 200km and less than 3 weeks I am finally almost symptom-free. This definitely provides a new impetus for training - merci many times for that, I attribute that to you!

Max A.

The first emotional impression was positive. The sole has made some improvements.

Eberhard B.

My wife and I had run over 400 km with Meindl and Lowa shoes and the original soles. That was OK, but we wanted a little more comfort and therefore tried the CURREX HikePro. The first good impression on trial hikes in the Rhön was fully confirmed on the demanding 7-day tour in September 2020 on the E5. The difference to the standard sole is clearly noticeable and we are both very satisfied with the HikePro.

Knut K.